2,300-year-old "athlete's tomb" found intact on the outskirts of Rome


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An exceptional tomb called «Athlete's grave»Was found in exactly the same condition in which it was left 2,300 years in the Case Rosse area on the outskirts of Rome during the extension excavations of an aqueduct.

Four skeletons (three men and one woman) were found in the tomb with their ceremonial equipment, explained the archaeologists who made the discovery, adding that they were lucky to find the tomb intact as it was relatively close to the surface, only two meters below the surface. field in which it was found.

The bodies were accompanied on their last trip by splendid black painted ceramic works, some of them decorated with vegetal and geometric motifs, a bronze coin with Minerva's helmeted head and the inscription «Romano» on the back, as well as plates with remains of food offerings including rabbit, chicken and goat, and two iron strigyles, used by athletes to clean themselves after physical activity.

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