An Egyptian necklace, tooth of the 'first white shark' and much more, this week on Catawiki

An Egyptian necklace, tooth of the 'first white shark' and much more, this week on Catawiki

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This week, at Catawiki auctions we found a series of very interesting objects to get hold of, such as a necklace with anubis amulet very curious Egyptian, a Palaeocarcharodon orientalis tooth, considered the «first white shark»60 million years old, a viking bracelet, a gilt wood capital corbel, a polished stone ax and arrowheads from the Neolithic Age, among a large number of curious objects.

These are the most outstanding lots of this week:

Archeology Auction

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This week in the auction of archaeological objects we found a series of lots of great interest, highlighting a necklace with a bronze Anubis amulet with blue and coral stones, dated between 664-332 BC, in Egypt, being a very rare piece.

Other lots to highlight are 8 Neolithic arrowheads between 4,000 and 6,000 years old, a polished stone ax 14 cm long made of Cornean rock (cornubianite), 0.4 kg in weight, totally authentic, and finally a viking bracelet from the early medieval period of 59 mm diameter (internal) and 30.6 grams of weight

Natural History Auction

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The featured lot in the Natural History auction is a Palaeocarcharodon orientalis tooth More than 60 million years old from Morocco, which, although not related to the famous "white sharks", are known as "the first white sharks in history."

Spectacular Chondrite meteorite NWA unclassified, with fusion crust and regmaglyphs weighing 493 gm, and on the other hand, a mexican fire opal 16 x 14.3 x 9.7mm in size.

Antiques Auction

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In Catawiki's Antiques category, we found one Capital corbel in Spanish gilded wood from the 18th century, belonging to an altarpiece from the period 30 cm wide, 22 high and 20 cm deep, whose golden coating has been restored at a later time.

On the other hand, we find a tea cake box made of rosewood. Period of Louis XV, middle of the 18th century and finally, a inlaid and ebonized work table, around 1880, restored.

If you want to discover more objects, you just have to go to the Catawiki auctions and take a look at their entire catalog where, surely, you will find something that arouses your interest.

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