An 'extremely tall' man discovered buried next to ancient objects in Iran

An 'extremely tall' man discovered buried next to ancient objects in Iran

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Iranian archaeologists have discovered in Lorestan a great treasure of ancient objects next to the remains of an extremely tall man who lived more than 1,500 years ago in Iran. This man, approximately two meters tall, would have lived during the Sassanid Empire, which ruled from 224 to 651 when it was conquered by the Islamic caliphate.

The archaeologists also found, objects dating from the Achaemenid Empire, which existed in the region from approximately 550 BC. until his disappearance at the hands of Alexander the Great in 330 BC, and the Parthian Empire (250 BC-224 BC).

"During the recent excavation carried out in the Chia Sabz area, in the Lorestan province, we found objects that date back to the period of the Achaemenid Empire," he said. Ata Hasanpour, leader of the expedition to the Mehr news agency.

First objects of the Achaemenid Empire in Lorestan.

Among the objects found from this period we have plates, ceramic bowls, glasses, painted ornaments, coins and stone tools, being the first found objects of the Achaemenid Empire in this region.

«In the north of the Chia Sabz area we found the grave of an elderly man, consisting of four mud walls covered with a large stone slab. In addition, we found a large number of ceramic items from the Sassanid Empire near the burial site, but we will be able to give you a more accurate date after radiocarbon analysis, "he added.

In turn, he added that "in the last days of excavation, we managed to find a warehouse with two containers to store food and its contents were sent to the laboratory for future research, although we believe that they date back to the Parthian Empire."

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