Microsoft co-founder discovers remains of WWII Japanese battleship Musashi

Microsoft co-founder discovers remains of WWII Japanese battleship Musashi

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There is nothing like having a large amount of money and using it for tasks that have little or nothing to do with a life of luxury and excess. Something like this is what has happened recently with Paul Gardner Allen, who may not be as well known as Bill Gates, but is co-founder of Microsoft.

Allen is in the news these days because found in jurisdictional waters of the Philippines the remains of the Japanese ship Musashi, considered one of the largest ships in naval history, sunk in 1944 during a battle in World War II in which United States and Japanese forces fought for control of the Philippines.

It was Paul Allen himself who made the announcement through his account on the social network Twitter and explained that the ship was approximately 1,000 meters deep in what is known as the Sibuyan Sea. One of his messages read: “Rest in peace the crew of the Musashi, where about 1,023 people died”.

The importance of this find lies in the fact that the Musashi was one of the largest warships in naval history, which is said to have had to be torpedoed no less than 19 times and bombed another 17 by troops from the US Army. America before it went under.

When the ship was discovered it was not clear which one it was, but when finding the impressions of the Seal of the Chrysanthemum, characteristic of the Japanese empireIt was already known what it was about this impressive ship, the pride of the Japanese empire at the time, who threw it into war aware of its full potential, but who would never have thought that it would have this end.

According to Allen, the discovery was made last Sunday after 8 years of work and declared that he was very honored to have been part of the team that has found this ship so important to naval history and thus be able to honor the memory of men of great courage that they served for their country.

Allen, considered a true philanthropist, is not the first time he has encountered something similar since he also participated in the discovery of the remains of HMS Hood, belonging to the British Royal Navy, something that satisfies him since from his youth he has always been drawn to the history of World War II.

Here you can read more information on the discovery of the Musashi.

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