Rouen will have a museum dedicated to Joan of Arc

Rouen will have a museum dedicated to Joan of Arc

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France is an eminent tourist destination that has infinite alternatives to visit and relive history in many of the places spread throughout its geography. Rouen is a town known for being the place where Joan of Arc it was executed and burned at the stake.

Nowadays, in Rouen there are many vestiges dedicated to Joan of Arc like the Torre del Homenaje or its old market for example. Perhaps it was for this reason that they wanted to open a permanent exhibition on French heroin in the Archdiocese and which will house also the History Museum, something that will open on March 21 of this year.

In this way and with this new attraction, the town of Rouen will notably improve its cultural and artistic proposals, where in addition all visitors will be able to enjoy in all its dimensions the incredible location of the Archdiocese, a place that has great historical and architectural importance, where was there around the year 1431 the canonical court where the trial against Joan of Arc was held.

The Archdiocese is an important example of medieval architecture and has several places to visit such as its state rooms, the 15th century tower and two crypts, this being the best place in all of Rouen where the true story of Joan of Arc could be told. The History Museum will have approximately 950 square meters of surface, all of them divided into five levels, which range from Romanesque and Gothic to what is known as the Great Attic.

It is expected that the archaeological excavations that are being carried out in the area during this season will not be an impediment to be able to open next March 21, a date highly anticipated by many people, especially historians, scholars and fans of everything related to France and this important character in its history.

The museum will have the latest technology to show all visitors the life and work of Joan of Arc, there will be digital maps, interactive movies, characters modeled in 3D and a whole range of technological options that will almost allow us to go back to that time.

It is estimated that the museum will attract some 150,000 people every year and it will allow anyone, whether from France or not, to know first-hand the importance that this woman had, and continues to have, for French history.

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